A fantastic lunch at Fromagination

I had an amazing lunch at Fromagination this afternoon, and let me tell you – it was AMAZING! It’s sort of billed as a cheese shop – and one of Wisconsin’s proudest cheese shop at that – but they have some pretty incredible sandwiches.

My good friend from Paramount Roof here in Madison was in the area so I took him to this little State Street gem. I got the “Specialty” with Brie and cranberry, and it might be one of the best sandwiches I’ve ever had. My hungry roofer friend had, “Best of the Midwest” I think, and it looked tasty as well. We sat outside on the patio, ate our sandwiches in the shade and I couldn’t help thinking how cool Madison is in the Summer.

They have some great cheeses like I mentioned, and while they’re a little pricey, they’re clearly a high end cheese shop. Desserts looked good too but my friend had to scoot. Check it out!

Top Restaurants In Madison WI

1 – Babcock Hall Dairy Store
Known for quick service and great pricing, Babcock Hall Dairy Store is a Madison staple that always inspires repeat visits. Everything from the breakfast to the ice cream desserts are an absolute delight here.

2 – Dotty Dumpling’s Dowry
Dotty Dumpling’s Dowry offers the vibe of a small and cozy pub with some seriously delicious eats on the menu. If you like to keep it simple with a great burger and some fried appetizers, this is the place to be.

3 – Graze Restaurant
This is a classy place with some gorgeous surrounding views. The service is excellent and the food tastes wonderful to boot. If you want to celebrate a special occasion, this is a fine choice every single time.

4 – The Old Fashioned
The Old Fashioned has some great sandwiches and a casual atmosphere that’s easy to enjoy some company in. There are plenty of vegetarian options here, as well as unique appetizers like fried zucchini and roasted red peppers.

5 – Great Dane Brew Pub
The Great Dane is very casual and you can always get your meal very quickly despite how busy it is thanks to its popularity. It’s pretty typical American restaurant fare – just done incredibly well – though a little Mexican and Indian has sneaked its way on the menu as well. Continue reading “Top Restaurants In Madison WI”

The view through Minneapolis porch windows…

Tips For Finding Popular Madison Restaurants
Madison, Wisconsin is home to a number of different popular restaurants. Each one of them offers unique and high-quality dishes, so you can easily find something to suit you. If you are not familiar with the area, you might be wondering what restaurants are best. This post offers some simple tips for finding the most popular and beloved restaurants in Madison.

If you are from out of town, visiting travel websites is an excellent way to learn all about Madison’s best restaurants. Vacation and travel sites often feature “Top 10” or “Best Of” lists for major cities like this. Simply use the search function on the website. You can find these sites through your search engine simply by using the keywords “travel sites”.

I went to dinner with the owner of a Minneapolis porch windows maker, Sunspace. We talked about the beauty of having lunch on a three season porch. Their windows fold up so you can feel the fresh air without the bugs or dust coming through. Anyway, he reads a lot of reviews. Review websites are another excellent place to find thorough information about restaurants in this city. Sites like Yelp are well-known for featuring customer reviews for local and chain restaurants. Use the search function or filters to locate Madison-based restaurants. Again, you may be able to find “Top 10” lists on review sites like this. Continue reading “The view through Minneapolis porch windows…”

Finding The Best Restaurants In Madison

You wouldn’t think of Madison, Wisconsin as having a robust food culture. You’d be wrong for ignoring the truth. There are few places in the country that show off the diversity and comfort of Madison’s restaurants. Here is how you can find some of the best ones:

As With Other Cities, There Are Hidden Gems

Hole in the wall restaurants are usually the best places to eat in a given city or town. This fact holds true in Madison as well. Himal Chuli is a place worth checking out as an example, especially if you’re looking for something a little outside of the norm. It’s important to realize though that some places aren’t big and pretty for a reason: the owners aren’t taking care of the business. Fortunately, it is simple to weed these places out in Madison.

The Online Review Community Is Very Robust

Restaurant reviews really only work if the community as a whole commits to being honest and consistent with their reviews. This is an aspect where Madison really shines. You can find more than just a couple reviews on most restaurants in the city; and they’ll cover everything that you’re wondering about. Continue reading “Finding The Best Restaurants In Madison”

Which Restaurants In Madison, Wisconsin Top The List?

Wisconsin might not be California or New York, but it’s quite a charming northern state indeed. Do you have roots in Wisconsin, or do you know someone that lives there? Perhaps you’re just looking at traveling the US, and Wisconsin came up on the map. Madison is one of the great cities in Wisconsin, and you’ll want to know what restaurants are good to pick for a meal. If you’re moving to Madison, you’ll definitely want to pay attention to this list of restaurants for your frequent stops.

Doesn’t it seem fitting to start with the first meal of the day and give you a good restaurant for breakfast? That would be Babcock Hall Dairy Store, and you are going to have a breakfast Wisconsin style at this place. They serve more than just breakfast here, however, as you can also get lunch and snack items and of course ice cream, too. What would a dairy store be without ice cream? Continue reading “Which Restaurants In Madison, Wisconsin Top The List?”

Madison Wisconsin Restaurants To Visit On Your Next Vacation

Are you planning a vacation or a business trip to Madison, Wisconsin? Do you remember the days of the blue plate special? No, not the blue light special, but the blue plate specials at diners and restaurants. Meet the Monty’s Blue Plate Diner, where every plate is a blue plate special. This seems to me like the place you would want to eat at if you’re going to get a good idea of what it’s like in the city. Locals there can most definitely point you to all kinds of interesting finds.

The next restaurant on the list is Marigold Kitchen, and this place has all kinds of creative dishes. It’s an Italian restaurant that serves up breakfast sandwiches as well. Looking at some of the menu items from the reviews gives me the idea that this restaurant is very interesting and worth a visit if you’re in Madison.

Of course you’ll want to know where you can get the best slice of pizza in Madison. Are you a New York style pizza person, Chicago Deep Dish style person or do you like another type of pizza? Your best pizza pie is going to come from Ian’s Pizza in Madison, Wisconsin. You know that mac n’ cheese pizza that the young kids seem to go off on so much? Well, they have this menu selection, and this is New York style pizza by the way.

You need at least a few more restaurant names to keep you busy. First, let’s go with Naples 15, Swad Indian Restaurant, Cento and the Coopers Tavern. There is even a restaurant called A Pig in a Fur Coat. Can you believe that? According to the reviews, all of these restaurants should be a good fit for a good time.

What’s up Madison lovers!

Hey there! Dawn here, and I’m a native Madisonian that loves the eclectic restaurant scene here in Madison. After Bluephie’s closed down, I was able to get this domain and scratch my blogging itch to write about a tribute to the culinary scene. I hope it is fitting tribute and I thank you for stopping by!!! Peace!